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The Highest Quality Dried Poppy Pods Shipped From The USA

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Our aim is to deliver to you the highest quality dried poppy pods on the market at a great price.

Your satisfaction is our aim, so we can always be reached easily and quickly to answer any questions or concerns. Our high quality dried poppy pods are shipped from the USA so you will have no issues with orders being delayed, or getting lost.

Our minimum order amount is 2.5 pounds, which costs $230 including fast shipping. You can order larger amounts in increments of 2.5 pounds. 5 pounds costs $419 including shipping. For larger amounts, contact us for a quote.

We ship to California and your order will never be lost because it will come from the US! With this product it's ALWAYS better to order domestically. 

To place an order, get in touch via email with your requested quantity. You will then be provided with an invoice to pay via Xero.com, and your order will go out within 24 to 48 hours.

The products offered on this website are intended for decorative or ornamental use only.  We will not answer any inquiries regarding or suggesting inappropriate use of any of our merchandise, and such inquiries can be construed as cause to deny orders.

We thank you very much for your custom and look forward to hearing from you.      

Have a blessed day!


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